Lady Gaga: The Born This Way Ball

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to have tickets to head on over to Twickenham to watch the opening night of Lady Gaga’s tour, The Born This Way Ball. To be completely honest, I was slightly nervous about this one. I didn’t think I knew any Gaga songs that well and I know how crazy Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” can be! I’m going to try and not give too much away from the concert, but please be aware that there may be some spoilers!

I was so wrong! Her fans were completely amazing; most of which were dressed as she has been in her music videos (with coke cans in their hair as rollers or with blonde fringed wigs and bows made out of hair – even one lady in a mickey mouse catsuit, reminiscent of Gaga’s Papparazzi vid, and another in an iconic yet contraversial meat dress… made from fabric!) and everyone was crazily friendly! Like, really lovely people all gathered in one stadium (I gather sold out, but you can never tell with the standing bit how busy it actually is unless you’re in there!). We were sitting at the far back left on the stage. I wish I’d have brought my glasses, because at the end of it, my eyes couldn’t really see Gaga on-screen… But that’s my biology’s fault! Stupid eyes.

The Born This Way Ball is named after one of The Lady’s most famous songs, Born This Way, which is all about self acceptance and loving yourself. A fabulous message to spread to the masses, I’m sure. And I think this was reflected in how nice everyone was 🙂

Gaga must’ve changed outfit every single song, which was amazing, although a little irritating when you couldn’t really see her face… And oh my goodness, how fit must she be to sing and dance as energetically as she did?! I was quite astounded with her ‘live’ voice; I’d heard that she couldn’t sing live, but she really and truly absolutely belted those notes! Favourites for the night, for me, were probably Born This Way (however, I’m not sure about the lady reanacting the whole giving birth, complete with massive inflatable legs spread out on stage!), Just Dance, Bad Romance and You and I (which is my personal fave, so I’m a bit biased!). I was surprised at how many Gaga songs I actually knew, even my Mum was like, “Wow, I know this one!” and I was on my feet the whole entire time, dancing away. I’m definitely going to download the whole of her albums.

Special mention to Lady Gaga’s support act, The Darkness. I have loved The Darkness since I bought their album about seven years ago now (where does time go, seriously?!) and played their album on repeat for a good year after that. They were also awesome live, but we only saw half of their set, as we were running late, so I’m now determined to see them when they are headlining or at their own gig.

So I’m now a converted little monster! Did you go and see Gaga at Twickenham or at any of her other Born This Way Ball venues? What did you think?

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