TAG: How much is your face worth?

Hello, I’m still here! Apologies for going AWOL last week – it’s been a bit crazy around these parts at the moment! I saw this post on Lily from etcllymrs.com‘s blog and I thought I’d give it a go. The idea is to put your face on, find out the price of each of the products used and work out how much your face is worth. Simples, eh? Bear in mind that all products are used more than one time a day, but you can’t really divide them up, can you!?

I have so much make up invading my drawers recently, but I figured I’d do my last ‘going out’ look to do this post, and this is what I wore to the Lady GaGa gig. For me, it’s not about the price of a product, but how it works and how it makes you feel for wearing it. The bottom line is this post is just for fun 🙂


1. Benefit’s The POREfessional: £23.50

2. Maybelline BB Cream: £7.99

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum: £10.99

4. The Body Shop Concealer: £8.50

5.The Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer: £16.00

6. MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow: £12.00

7. L’Oreal Carbon Gloss Superliner: £6.49

8. Eyelash extensions at my local salon: £30

9. The Body Shop eyeshadow (in a cream shade, no number on the back!): £8.00

10. No. 7 Lip stick in Coral Rose (review coming soon!): £9.00

11. Lipcote: £3.69

TOTAL: £136.16

Honestly, I’m quite relieved that my face costs just over £100. I have seem some of these tags with over £200! I don’t think even with my skincare regime, I would ever get to there! Then again, I am still only just scratching the surface of my make up collection and this is probably the cheapest look that I’ve gone for recently. Usually, I use Nars contour kit and my Mac lipstick, so that would’ve pushed it up a smidgen! I forgot to do my eyebrows, but that would’ve obviously pushed it up too. The most I’ve spent is on my eyelashes, which last for four weeks anyway! Maybe I’ll revisit this post in the future but right now, I’m not sure how I feel about this tag; I wish there was a way of knowing how much you used a product before you ran out or ‘hit pan’, but it’s really interesting to know what other products are out there that people swear by.  And now, you are all TAGGED to show me how much your face is worth! 🙂

Have you figured out how much your face costs? Put a link to your post in the comments, I would love to see them!

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