Barry M 30 Year Anniversary Gift Box

Drugstore/High street fave, Barry M is thirty years young this year and to celebrate, they have compiled a whole bunch of 80s themed, retro products in a gift set for our pleasure! How thoughtful of them! I have a love/love relationship with Barry M so, when I spotted this on the website, it was one that I had to have, to help them celebrate their 30th 🙂


The box is well presented and comes with three groovy nail colours as well as two dazzle dusts. I think Barry M has been my go-to brand for nail varnishes for as long as I remember and dominates my nail varnish collection. I love the wide variety of colours and I think the staying power with a base coat lasts for ages. But I have so much love for these colours, it’s untrue!

20120907-111125.jpgRetro pink (Pink Sunshine) is a lovely bold pink, with a slight shimmer. I think this would be great for summer toes and, as it seems we’re having our summer at the moment, I am not ashamed to admit my tootsies are currently sporting the retro pink look. I’m sure this would look great with a tan, but my tan’s almost non-existent since my holiday a couple of weeks ago!

20120907-111130.jpgThis is retro red (Lady in Red), which is similar to Barry M’s bright red that I was wearing a couple of weeks ago, apart from it has a bit of shimmer to it again. I can see me wearing this lovely shade at Christmas for a bit of sparkle and we all love a bit of red at Christmas.

20120907-111135.jpgLastly, and probably my favourite, we have retro blue (Electric Blue). I have just fallen head over heels with this nail varnish; the blue is very bold and goes with my pale skin. It actually matches my swimming instructor rash vest perfectly! Completely wearable and I think I will be turning to this one over Autumn.

Each of these nail varnishes are a little bit bigger than your average Barry M nail varnish. The packaging is a little different and I would say that I don’t really like the lids too much. I find them too big and it complicates painting my nails. What usually takes me about five minutes took me almost double that because I couldn’t get on with the lid being bigger. Is that just me though? Anyways, I needed to paint my nails for Lady Gaga and couldn’t decide which to use, so I used all three and pretended that I was 11 years old again…


20120907-111143.jpgI have never used Barry M’s dazzle dust, which is an amazingly pigmented shimmery powder, used on top of eyeshadow or on its own for a glitzy look. I wouldn’t use these two together, as I think my eyes would present a shiny bruiser on my face (pink and blue does make a gorgeous purple, after all!), and I would probably use the pink tone a lot more than the blue, just because my eyes are blue and I like to emphasise that usually. However, upon swatching, it’s clear that the pigment stays on for absolutely ages and is not glittery, but shimmers like a highlighter would on your cheeks. I don’t think I’d particularly use this on my cheeks (definitely not the blue one!), but I think it would still suit someone who wanted to.

Do I think this box is good value for money? Well, yes, actually. I am incredibly impressed with the nail varnishes; individually, these cost £1.99 and the dazzle dusts cost £4.59 each, so you are saving a little bit by buying them in this set. I really don’t think I’ll get much use out of the shimmers, but for special occasions, I may dip into them every once in a while.

The Barry M gift box costs £11.99 and is available from the Barry M website.

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