Weeks 34-35

Sorry for not posting last week; life overtook me! I’ve been living in a whirlwind at the moment, but it’ll never happen again… Okay, it might do, but sometimes life has a habit of doing that anyways!

I’ve still been heading to the gym twice to three times a week, which has been ace. However, my eating has got a little bit worse for wear. I haven’t been using my WW tracker at all recently, but today sees a change and the turning of a new leaf and today, I am starting to use all my weight loss tools properly again. I have decided that, alongside my gymming and swimming, I have activated my newest Fit Bit this morning and I am aiming to walk 20K steps a day. I know, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? But I feel really motivated to keep active and try and get fitter.

I have no idea if my weight loss has started to show from going to the gym yet, so this graph will be a little bit of a surprise for me as well.. Here we have our weight graph from the last two weeks…


I have put on 1.5lbs! I’m not surprised; they say you retain and put on weight when you start working out. Hopefully, if I keep going, it’ll drop off. I’ve not been religiously weighing myself, and I’m still not looking at the set of scales when it wirelessly uploads to my Fit Bit profile, but I’m jumping straight back onto the horse and hoping that I’ll start losing shed loads soon.

Things that’ll get in my way this week include a Plymouth university reunion and a friend’s leaving do at our local pub. Honestly, I can’t really drink much at either of these do’s, as I’ll be driving home from Plymouth after the reunion and I’ll have work the next day after the leaving do so I don’t think the booze will affect any weight loss this week.

I’m going to concentrate on eating better though. I think we’ve had every single type of takeaway over the last couple of weeks (including McDonalds breakfast for our hangovers after a wedding!), so it’s time for me to look at eating better.

How did you get on with your weight loss this week? Are you on WW? Do you have a Fit Bit profile? 


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