WLB Week 36

And last week’s post sounded so motivating, right?! Well, what happened was this. I drove down to Plymouth on Friday night, with the full intention to not drink but, after getting stuck in a tonne of traffic, my sat nav trying to take me onto closed roads, getting stuck behind tractors and generally getting mad at the world, I decided that I was going to drink. And wow, didn’t I go for it?!

To be fair, it was a reunion; I hadn’t seen the people I was out with for three whole years, so it was a cause for celebration. I don’t need to justify it, but I know exactly what I wrote in my last weight loss post, with the whole “I’m not going to drink much” thing! As a result, the hangover cure was KFC on the drive home…

I have still been going to the gym; I’ve gone twice since Monday (I think I went on Thursday as well…) and I have a session booked for Saturday. That’s all going really well, and I’m really happy with my progress and that I’m actually sticking to it this time! Next week, I’m going to try and go every single day, but we won’t bank on it yet. I’ve also asking my brother (who’s currently a bum and just left uni) if he wants to go to some spinning sessions with me, so we’re actively looking for spinning sessions now as well! I find it easier to work out with someone there, egging me on and he is much fitter than I am! I’m currently having technical difficulties with my Fit Bit, as it’s not syncing properly, but I’ve been emailing a guy to help me out!

Anyways, I’m not going to beat around the bush, and I’m just going to throw my graph in here for good measure. I am not expecting anything amazing.


Well, I was expecting worse, but it seems like my weight has stayed pretty much the same. Woo! Now time to try and settle down with the boozing and junk fooding and get on with the rest of my weight loss. I’m going to try and lose another stone and a half by Christmas; that way, I’ll only have to lose holiday weight and half a stone next year to look and feel completely awesome!

Obstacles in my way this week are few. I’m driving down to Bristol tomorrow morning for a work conference and I have no idea what kind of food they’ll be serving there, but I’ll just have to make healthy choices. I have a friend’s (second!) leaving do on Saturday, but I’m going to not drink so excessively as last weekend.

Things to change this week, again are my eating habits. Eat better. Drink more water. Keep the exercise going. Fingers crossed for a more dramatic weight loss next week to knock off what I’ve put on!

How did you weight loss go this week? 


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