The Mascara Files: NARS Larger Than Life Volumising Mascara

After long consideration, I have decided that I’m taking a break from my eyelash extensions. I have been getting them redone every four weeks since my holiday (which is a dream away now…) and, although I love the fact that I can wear them in the pool whilst teaching, I think they might be damaging my normal eyelashes a little bit because, as they fall out, I can see my real eyelashes shedding with them. Like everything, sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So it’s time for me to raid my collection of mascaras and let you know what I think!

I think it’s necessary to point out what I actually look for in a mascara, as nowadays you get them doing everything but the washing up. I’m very lucky in that I have quite long eyelashes (well, did have), so I don’t necessarily need length from a mascara, but I do want my eyelashes to have a little bit more volume and look a bit heavier. Semi-natural, but semi-is-she-wearing-falsies? look.

My routine for applying mascara (boring stuff, but in case you’re interested…) is to use eyelash curlers on each eye for 15 seconds before applying the first coat, leaving it for a bit (applying the coat to the other eye) and coming back for a second coat of the black stuff. Oh, I only wear mascara in black now – I used to wear bluey purpley mascara when I was a mere pup…


Today, I’m reaching for Nars. I bought this tube from the Nars website quite some time ago, when they needed one more product for me to get free delivery – I know, conned again! – so I thought, I know; I’ll get some mascara. Since deciding that I wanted to do a mascara series on my blog, I have noticed I have about a tonne of mascara all around the house! Honestly, I don’t need one more tube of the stuff; I just need to know what is the best stuff for me and to continue to use that. But it’s fun to try different ones out anyway, isn’t it?

The Nars packaging is so sleek; it is very Mac-esque with matte black tube, which is a horror to find in your handbag. Nars is a tad on the expensive side of what I usually spend on make up; this tube costing £18.50. I don’t mind paying as long as it bloody works! I wore this mascara to a wedding recently and I am happy to report that it does exactly what it says on the tin. Volume, without the clumpy, crispiness that I have experienced in other, cheaper mascaras. I didn’t have to re-coat as it seemed to stay put all day/night and, when I slept in it (I know, BAD FRANNO!), my eyelashes still looked perfect the day after – but they did need re-coating then… Obvs. My eyelashes felt in amazing condition from this vitamin-enriched mascara and honestly, I think I’m in love already without trying any of the others in my mascara drawer!

I am really impressed with this mascara and I would repurchase if I ran out. So we’re one for one in my new mascara series on here! Woo hoo!

Have you tried Nars mascaras? Have you tried the volumising or the lengthening formula?


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