Top Shop Lipsticks: Tease and Inhibition

Top Shop have expanded their make up collection immensely since I was younger. I remember that they used to do nail varnishes and stuff when I was younger, but they have turned into the high street store to turn to, to find that perfect lipstick, eyeshadow, eye liner or blush. Today, I’m venturing into Top Shop’s lippies.

20120929-103203.jpgI first bought ‘Tease’ online over the summer without trying any of the formulations. I read a lot of reviews about how amazing the formulations are and I decided that I didn’t have any neon pinks in my collection, so put this in my electronic basket and checked it out.


I love the shade, however it really washes my skin tone out and, although it’s a slight blue tone, it does make my teeth look really yellow, so maybe this isn’t one for me right now. I will be trying out some teeth whitening techniques soon, so maybe it’s one for next summer 🙂


‘Inhibition’ was an impulse purchase when I was out, looking for an outfit 🙂 I don’t have any ‘wine-stained lips’ lipstick in my collection, and I was really excited when I saw this one.

20120929-103221.jpgI absolutely adore this shade. It washes me out a little when I am not wearing blush/bronzer, but it makes my eyes look really really blue. I think this will probably be my go-to lippy for Autumn and Winter, although it does make me look a bit gothy. My teeth don’t look as yellow with this lippy either. Everyone’s a winner!

The Top Shop lipstick formulation is so amazing that the colours stay on your lips for most of the day. At an awesome £8.00 each, I think these are an absolute steal and I’ll be investing in most of the collection!

Have you tried Top Shop lipsticks? Which are your favs?


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