WLB Week 32

Hi guys 🙂

I’ve had a really good week in terms of eating and exercising. I’m really trying to stick to my #nocheatoctober objectives, and I’m hoping to see an improvement by the end of this month. I haven’t been weighing myself as religiously as I usually do (again, this week!), but I had a fitness test yesterday and I weighed myself this morning, so fingers crossed, it’s a loss!

I had my last fitness test about 6 weeks ago at my local gym. It’s one where they put all the sticky pads on you and hook you up to a machine to see what your body’s doing on the inside. I didn’t have my last fitness report, so I don’t actually have anything to compare this week’s one to, but they’re going to hunt it down for me. In terms of my actual fitness, which they test by your resting pulse, press ups and sit ups, it’s actually improving! Not by anything massively huge or whatever, but it’s still improving. My recovery pulse is slower than it was before, which is a sign that I am recovering quicker from exercise and thus, fitter 🙂 Hoorays!

I have changed my gym routine and I’m actually going in the morning times instead of after work. I was really struggling with the motivation to go after work, so if exercise is something I have to get up really early for, so be it!

So here’s the graph… *holding my breath*


WHAT?!?! How have I put on?! I am gutted. Like, seriously. I’ve really been watching what I’m eating and stuff and it’s still not working 😦 Super sad face. Hopefully this might mean that I lose about a stone next week, eh?!

I don’t have any obstacles for this week, apart from going out for dinner tonight for a work meeting at Prezzo. I’m going to have to not eat anything today to counteract anything that touches my lips there. I’m not drinking this week, as I don’t have any plans to, and I am going to the gym tomorrow morning and possibly Friday morning to try and burn off some of those pesky calories.

How was your weight loss this week? I hope you did better than me! 


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