Ozzy Update: A year old!

So I thought I’d write a bit about my puppy, Ozzy today, as it was his first birthday on Saturday! I haven’t mentioned him on my blog in an absolutely age, but I thought it would help those who were thinking about getting a puppy or, to be more specific, a puggle 🙂 For those of you who weren’t reading my blog way back when, I picked up Ozzy at the beginning of December from a local breeder when he was 8 weeks old. This is him, the day we picked him up.

Ozzy, 8 weeks old. Jay couldn’t hold him properly, so he looks massive here, but he wasn’t…

The Pick Up

Ozzy was not stressed at all from leaving his Mum and slept on Jay’s lap all the way to his new home. When we got home, my Mum, Uncle and cousin were there to greet us and he just ran around, playing with them for half an hour before he got tired and fell asleep! He was completely unphased by having us as his new owners!

I took a month off of work to spend with him, teaching him the basics of house training and how to sit! He used to sleep. A lot. I have absolutely tonnes of pictures of Ozzy sleeping, because that’s the only way he would sit still! My breeder had given me a list of foods for Ozzy to eat and we feed him twice a day on meaty biscuits. We crate trained Ozzy to sleep in the kitchen in his bed and, although he whimpered the first couple of nights, he absolutely loves his little den 🙂

The breeder had also given Ozzy his first set of vaccinations, as we were picking him up just after his 8 week vaccinations. She gave us all the information we needed, what vets she used, what the name of the actual injections were given, etc. I would use that breeder again, as she was so thorough and, when we had questions regarding Ozzy’s sleeping and biting habits, she came back to us really quickly with some helpful advice.

Here’s Ozzy at 10 weeks old, after I had trained him to sit.

At 12 weeks, I had to get Ozzy’s second vaccination and got him chipped, in case he got lost and we needed to find him. Ozzy absolutely loves the vets, because he gets so much attention for being so darn cute! After Ozzy’s second vaccination, he was allowed to be taken out for walks and stuff. The only problem was that it started snowing and we didn’t want him to freeze to death, because he was still so small! So we walked him around the garden, frequently, off the lead so he could explore. He’d already been out in the garden before this, because I needed to house train him, but we had to keep an eye on him so that he didn’t pick up anything that would make him sick. Ozzy was house trained at about 12 weeks and didn’t have any terrible accidents indoors after 10 weeks.

Ozzy, at home time

In The Office and Doggy Day Care

A few weeks later, with work’s permission, I brought Ozzy into the office to sit in with me whilst I was there on my own. I was really lucky in that Ozzy does not get car sick. In fact, he loves the car! He loves being out and about and is really a people’s dog. He chewed. Through wires and phone lines. So after about a month, work told me that I couldn’t bring him into the office any more. It was such a shame that I couldn’t spend time with him any more, but we found an amazing solution.

We found a local doggy day care, that takes care of dogs whilst their owners are at work. Ozzy absolutely adores all the ladies who run it, as well as all of his day care buddies. He doesn’t care what size the dog is, Ozzy will be a friend to anyone in there. Ozzy started going to day care at about four months and I think it’s done him the world of good to socialise with other dogs, as well as mixing with different humans! The day care that Ozzy goes to really takes care of each of the dogs; they have to have a probation period where they come to see if they get on with other dogs before they can get going. They run a kennelling facility, so I don’t have to worry about the strangers I leave Ozzy with if Jay and I go away. Whenever I couldn’t pick up Ozzy from day care myself, my Mum picks him up and brings him to her house. She has two boxer dogs and Ozzy does not leave Cooper alone!

The ‘Op’

Ozzy, recovering from his op

At seven months, we decided that Ozzy needed to have his ‘bits done’, especially as he was playing with other dogs in doggy day care and we didn’t want to be irresponsible if and when some Ozzy shaped puppies came out! He started to get a bit aggressive with Cooper (Mum’s male boxer), so after some discussion (Jay really didn’t want him to have it done!), we decided that this may change his behaviour. When Ozzy came home, I felt so guilty. He was still suffering under the anaesthetic and he wouldn’t come anywhere near me for a cuddle. I felt absolutely terrible. A few days of feeling down and Ozzy was back to his normal self! Nothing had changed and he was still as hyperactive as ever, but we were relieved that he was now ‘protected’ in some way from other doggies taken advantage of his handsome genes!

Ozzy’s Personality

Ozzy is a really intelligent dog. When he was little, we put the stairgate up to prevent him from coming upstairs, but he had figured out that he can jump through the banisters and get up there anyway. He gets really determined to do something; once, he got stuck under my Nan’s sofa because he saw something under there to play with! He steals stuff off of my side table and runs around with it until we catch up. To date, I have a chewed up trainer, sandal, shoe, make up brush, mascara, contraceptive pills…

Ozzy loves food. Anything from dog food to Alpen (if I forget to buy him some dog food!) to cheese to prawn crackers! He doesn’t beg for your food, but if you want to train him, that’s the easiest way. I have trained him to sit, lay down, wait and give me his paw, just by using food! The behaviour we would like to train him to do is to come back when he’s called, because we live by a main road and we’re worried he might run out to quickly for us to catch him, and to stop him barking at the birds in the garden, in the sky, in the neighbour’s garden and over the field. I know he’s a dog and he’s going to bark, but Ozzy would bark and bark and bark until he’s blue in the face. One of his favourite past times is looking out of the window at people on our street and barking at them. Another favourite of his, is going outside into the back garden when our neighbours are having a barbeque and barking at them some more.

The weirdest thing about Ozzy is his licking. He will lick your hands, legs, feet, toes and Jay’s face for no apparent reason. The vets said that it might be a reassurance thing, so we’ve settled to telling him that he’s a good boy… But I don’t think we should be doing that if we want to discourage it!

Ozzy’s favourite sleeping place is on someone’s lap or, if you’re Jay, on Jay’s head. Seriously. But he also loves sleeping in his cage (which has duvet bedding and blankets surround to keep him warm – Jay is wrapped around Ozzy’s paw!) and having a lay in with me in bed at a weekend.

Whenever we buy him a new toy, Ozzy will work out how to destroy it within the first five minutes. So we’ve given up and we’re looking into cheaper options for toys at the moment!

Ozzy absolutely loves going out for walks or going for trips in the car. You just have to say “Where’s your lead?!” and he gets so excited!

I would say that the past couple of months have seen a difference in behaviour with the pup. He’s much calmer and I think he’s gone back into his sleeping phase. I only have to take him out for a half an hour walk and he sleeps for four or five hours after getting home! I really do not regret buying him as a companion, but I do wish I could spend more time with him to train him properly. He’s such a good dog, but I am a little biased!



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