Week 2 of October’s Photo A Day Challenge

Here’s how week 2 went down of my photo challenge 🙂 (here’s week one if you missed it!) This week, I have had a technical gliche and a couple of my pictures have disappeared from my phone 😦 Please follow me on instagram (@frannooooo) to see my daily updates!

8. Close-Up

This was of my eye, but I’m really rubbish at close up eye pictures…

9. Upside Down

Again, this was of me, but my iPhone has automatic spin around when it’s upside down mode! Sad 😦


10. Favourite

These are my grandparents. They are probably my favourite people in the whole entire world! 🙂



11. From Up High

This is what I wore to the pub the other day. From above. Yes.


12. Hands

This was to be mine and Jay’s hands, but he wasn’t around so… I used Ozzy instead 🙂


13. Seat

This is my seat of my sofa, which is my spot – very much like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

14. Silhouette

I actually had some trouble finding a silhouette picture 😦 The lighting was crap, so none of them turned out okay. So I owe you a picture for this.

Are you part of a Photo A Day Challenge? Where are your pictures?


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