Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Concealer and Eye Shadow Primer

I have to admit, I have never used an eye shadow primer before. I generally use my foundation to do the hard work for me, but there are supposedly many pros to using a primer. Firstly, it stays on your eyelid for longer and is said to prevent creases.

I love a brand who awards customers as well. When Mum and I were out ‘Christmas shopping’ the other day (which turned into a haul for myself… post about that soon…), we popped to the Benefit counter and bought a few Christmas presents, and were awarded with a couple of samples each. Welcome, Stay Don’t Stray.


20121012-100629.jpgI love Benefit samples. I love the little tubes they pop in and their ease of use, together with their wands, not to mention how much you get in the tube so you can really test it to see if you like it. This was no different; in a tiny cardboard envelope, with instructions written on the back and illustrated on the inside, Benefit really pull out all the stops when persuading you to buy a product. The sample I was given was 2.5ml which doesn’t sound like too much, so I wonder how the product will fare.

20121012-100635.jpgThe primer itself is a neutral nude colour, which is easily blendable into the eyelid, but of quite a thick consistency; Benefit reckons you should dab three dots below and on your eyelid to blend in with your fingers, but I think you could probably get away with one massive dab! It smells like most other Benefit products, but the fragrance is not overpowering. Before even applying eyeshadow or concealer, I could definitely see a change in my skin tone on my upper and lower eyelid; I sort of looked more human than the dark circles around my eyes.

Now for putting it through the test with eye shadow! I took a glittery shadow (the name’s rubbed off, so I can’t tell you which!) just so I could check the creasing and the ‘stayability’ and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. My eye shadow didn’t budge and there wasn’t any creasing at all. At £19.50 a pop for the full sized version of 10ml, for something you don’t need to use too much of to see a massive difference, I think it’s one I will be purchasing when my sample size eventually runs out, hopefully next month after pay day 🙂


Do you use eye shadow primers? Which is your favourite? Have you tried Stay Don’t Stray?


One thought on “Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Concealer and Eye Shadow Primer

  1. I bought this because I had eyeliner that would go walk-a-bouts. It does seem to help (when I can be bothered to use it…another tale altogether!) and it has lasted FOREVER. You really don’t need much of this product at all.

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