Barry M Metallic Magnetic Nail Polish

Magnetic nail varnishes have become something of a rave this year. I wasn’t too excited about the normal colours, but when Barry M released their metallic range a few months ago, I checked them out straight away.


I’ve got something of a bit adventurous when it comes to nail varnish. A few years ago, you wouldn’t catch me in anything but reds or pinks – the classic nail varnish colours. I have broadened my horizons and I’m usually sporting purples, blues and even greens and this year, I have indulged in the weird and wonderful nail colours that are now available, including foil nail varnishes and metallics.


The magnetic nail polish can be used for a subtle ‘nail art’ and is available in a variety of colours. I swiped up the Magnetic Burgundy and the Magnetic Blue, as I figured these would probably be the ones I would use more often. The tops of the bottle (not the lids, but the bit on top of the lid!) act as a magnet. It’s quite easy when you get the hang of it. Paint one coat of your nail polish, let it dry. Paint another coat and hold the magnetic over it to create the shape as seen on the magnet.

20121030-111338.jpg 20121030-111343.jpg


(Bad lighting today – sorry about the rubbish photos 😦)I love these colours so much, I’d probably wear them without the magnetic part of it 🙂 I would say that it doesn’t take very long for the colours to move around and create the patterns and I was quite surprised as to how quickly I could see a result, particularly with the blue one. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the red one, but the blue one has the most amazing pattern. The ‘ledge’ on the top that you lean on your finger is very helpful, however I did smudge my blue nail whilst I was waiting for the pattern to form.

I would so use these again, particularly around the Christmas party or New Year’s eve party season, which is lurking around the corner… If I’d have known about these sooner, I probably would’ve used the Union Jack shaped magnet throughout the Olympics! These Barry M nail varnishes cost £4.99 and are available on the Barry M website.

Have you tried magnetic nail polish? What are your Autumnal/Fall nail polishes?


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