WLB Week 35

Well, hello there! I can’t believe I’ve not blogged about my weight for three weeks! I have been ever so busy with reviewing make up and going on booze cruises, that I have really not focused on my weight at all recently. In fact, I know I have put on weight, but I have been going to the gym and working out at least three times a week, but thinking I can get away with eating all the chocolate under the sun. Anyway, I’m not beating around the bush and I’m going to show you my graph straight away… Like vinegar in an open wound…


Unsurprisingly, that massive peak in my graph is from the booze cruise I went on that served a 24/7 all you can eat buffet and we went to Belgium. I don’t know if you’ve heard but they do awesome chocolate. However, although I’ve put on about 4lbs, everyone has been saying that I look a lot slimmer anyway! What?! Brain, messed up! So I’ve decided that I’m going to take some body measurements starting from this week. I learned how to do that here and I decided that I only wanted to measure my waist, hips and thighs as these are the bigger bits I want to concentrate on. Seriously, the top half of me might as well be a different person from the bottom half. So here we go, Internet. Here are my measurements:


I tracked these on my WW profile because they do lovely graphs as well, so I can probably put these into my weekly posts to you guys. My hips are MASSIVE by the way. But we knew that, because I’m so pear shaped. So how much do I want to lose in cms? Well, realistically, I’m looking at a combined cm loss of 10cm, but I’m hoping I’ll do a lot more than that. How much is 1cm of body measurement in weight loss?! I suppose time will tell. In terms of weight loss, I’m hoping to lose at least 1.5lbs a week leading up to Christmas, to get rid of what I’ve put on this past month and another half a stone. I’m really struggling with the cold, dark nights and my want of chocolate, but I’m hoping the measurements table will give me what I need to keep motivated.

What do I have to get in the way of my weight loss this week? Well, nothing actually. I have to go to the gym tomorrow and Friday as I’ve been really naughty and not gone to the gym this week. On Saturday, we’re going to see the new James Bond film and we’re going to have dinner out, but I just need to focus on the good things and not pig out on a massive pizza or burger or whatever.

What am I going to change this week? No more pigging out again. More drinking water. More going to the gym. Just being much better with my food and my exercise regime.

How was your weight loss this week? Are you still on track for the Christmas party season?


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