Clinique High Impact Lipstick in 20 Rose Spectrum

Mum bought some skincare from Clinique the other week and the MUA gave her a free lipstick sample, but unfortunately for Mum, she didn’t like the colour; fortunately for me, I can tell you all about this lipstick 🙂

I always thought that Clinique were massively known for their skincare, instead of their make up, but with the launch of their chubby lip sticks taking the beauty blogging world by storm – I am yet to try them! – it seems that they are setting the pace with amazing make up products as well. I also thought Clinique were for older ladies as well, so I don’t think I’ve dived too deep into any kind of their range… This may soon change!


The tube is a pastel green shade, which I actually don’t like. It’s not a nice ‘mint green’, but reminds me a bit of sick green… Is that just me?! 20 Rose Spectrum is a pinky brown colour in the tube, which is not usually the colour I go for but, with winter coming up and trends always changing, I’m sure I’ll get some use out of this! There’s a subtle shimmer to it, but the shimmer is not crazily overpowering so the shade is still wearable. The lippy has SPF 15, so it’s awesome for protecting the lips, should we ever see the sun in the UK!

When on my lips, the colour does not look at all as brown as it does in the tube, but it’s a rather subtly darker than my natural lip colour and I think this would complement dramatic eye make up or would be good for an everyday make up look. The formula is really moisturising, non-drying and lasts for a fair few hours before I get hungry and it comes off when I’m eating or drinking but, because it’s so subtle, I don’t feel like I have to keep applying anyway.

Overall, I’m really chuffed with this sample and I’ll probably look into some more Clinique colours, which complement my lips further and expand my ever growing lippy collection 🙂 The High Impact lippies are available at your Clinique counters for £16.50.

Have you been surprised by a particular brand recently? 


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