The Mascara Files: Chanel Inimitable Intense

Quite a while ago now, I started my search for my perfect mascara and wrote you guys a review on my Nars volumising mascara, which I have loved ever since writing about it, really. Since then, Ozzy got his jaws around the tube and this is how I found it the other day (warning: make up junkies may find the following picture disturbing!):


And that’s edited with Instagram for me to try and make it look better!! Needless to say, I didn’t talk to him for a good few hours after the incident occurred. He has a habit of reaching on my dresser and grabbing the first thing that comes to him, be it cotton pads, make up brushes, bottles of whatever and in this sad case, my mascara! So it’s time to continue on my journey to find my perfect mascara and I was rummaging around the piles in my house and I discovered this gem. I got it for my birthday back in April, but I must’ve tucked it away and semi-forgot about it…


I don’t really use high-end products like Chanel very often. I can’t even remember the last time I used a Chanel product, but it probably was a hand-me-down from my Mum when I was younger and not sure about any kind of make up. Firstly, the packaging is amazing; it’s super svelt and very posh. The tube is a glossy black with a silver band around it, which looks super smart. The product itself claims to volumise, lengthen, curl and seperate all at the same time. Is there such thing as this wonder product? There’s only one way to find out!

To start with, I didn’t use my beloved eyelash curlers for this review. How else would I be able to see if the mascara helps the curl of my eyelashes?! I also think a before and after shot is necessary in this instance to really prove whether or not it works.


So the above pic is without and the below one is after. I don’t have any other make up on today, so my under eyes look really dark… Hahaha. Anyway! This is with two coats. I would say the product is quite thick. With one application on one of my eyes, it looked quite clumpy, but I sorted that out when I went back for more! I would say the mascara definitely makes such a huge difference to the appearance of my eyelashes; they definitely look full and longer. I definitely would not agree with the mascara seperating my lashes, just because of the clumpiness at the beginning! I also don’t think it made much difference to the curl on my eyelashes, but maybe I was expecting more of a curl? I don’t know, I’m on a weird one today!

The product lasted all day without smudging which is a definite plus. It doesn’t feel very light to wear, it’s a very thick formula, but that doesn’t bother me too much. It does have a slight scent to it when you pop the brush out of the tube, but again, that’s not overpowering, so I’m not really bothered by that either.

I think this is a suitable replacement for my Nars mascara, but I think I would use this more on a night out rather than every day use. It does make my eyes massively dramatic and it is a little heavier on my eyes than what I am used to, so we’re still on the look out for a lovely day time mascara. I’m going to have to hide this one from Ozzy! Now, I’m not one to look at prices of presents that people buy me so you’re going to have to check out the price online or at your local Chanel counter, but I’m guessing it’s pretty high end like most designers 🙂

Do you buy Chanel? Have you tried their mascara? Which Chanel product is your favourite?


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