Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation

As it’s getting colder and as my skin is getting duller, I am on the hunt for a good drug store foundation. I have been head over heels for my Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Serum foundation for quite some time, but as I’ve been wearing it in these colder months, I’m craving for something with a fuller coverage. I went down to Superdrug, who have one of their fabulous three for two on make up items sale on and, after some snooping around the stands, I scooped up Maybelline Fit Me! foundation.


Maybelline’s Fit Me! foundation is gel based and is designed to let your skin breathe and to match your skin tone underneath. It claims to give a lovely dewy finish to leave you looking lovely and natural 🙂 The packaging is really sleek and looks like a high end brand; it is very reminiscent of my Mac Matchmaster bottle and has a small pump under the lid to easily get the product out of the bottle.


I want to add that it was really easy for me to pick up my shade 130. There was an indicator to guide you whether you have pink or yellow tones, if you were light or dark. I found that part really, really simple and ended up squeezing two of the light and yellow products onto the back of my hand before deciding on the 130, which is slightly darker than 120 and at the lighter end of the spectrum. After I had purchased and headed back to my beloved computer, I read a whole bunch of really mixed reviews about this foundation, that it left people oily and didn’t have any staying power. Everyone’s skin is different, so how this foundation reacted to my skin may have a different look on your skin 🙂


I applied the foundation with my fabulous The Porefessional primer underneath, and used a brush to get into the nooks and crannys of my face. There are a fair few! There is a slight scent to this foundation, but nothing really to write home about (I feel like I say that all the time – is my scent tolerance really high?!). Here’s how the foundation looked with my face fully made up.

20121104-110807.jpgIt took two pumps of the product to cover my entire face and I have to admit, I was worried when I first applied it because it looked a bit orange around my neck, but this seemed to fade as I let the foundation set in. It felt massively lightweight on my skin and felt like I didn’t have anything on. There was a slight dewy finish and my skin also felt really really soft. I didn’t need to apply concealer because I felt like the foundation did all of that for me and it had amazing staying power – more so than my beloved Bourjois foundation. The coverage was a little heavier than the Bourjois foundation and I feel it’s great at it’s job of perfecting my skin through the colder seasons. For me, this is a great everyday foundation and I will be reaching for this all the time! For £7.99, I think it’s amazing value for money and, with 18 shades, there’s bound to be the ideal product for many skin tones. I am even quite tempted to pick up the concealer to use under other foundations!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Fit Me! range yet?


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