She Said Beauty Box: November

>Another month, another beauty box 🙂 Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

20121113-162840.jpg1. So…? Brit Body Spray, Rock’n’roll body fragrance in Love & Rock’n’roll Body Fragrance For Me

What the blurb says: Remember So…? They are fragrances close to our hearts and with the current revival of nostalgic scents these sprays were the first to make a welcome return to our dressing tables.

What Franno says: This reminds me of being about 11, when everyone used to use body fragrances at school instead of perfume. Personally, it’s not to my taste and the fragrance is pretty strong, pretty sweet and pretty powdery. Not for me, but I’ll probably get some sort of use out of it.

20121113-162825.jpg2. Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream

What the blurb says: This smoothing night cream, with oil from organically grown Rosa mosqueta seeds, aids the regeneration of the outer layer of the skin during the night.

What Franno says: I do not like rose scents, like I have said before, but I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of this. I really need to sort through a night time skin routine, so it’ll be good to try and see if this was going to be any good for my skin.

20121113-162820.jpg3. Redken Smooth Lock Shampoo & Conditioner

What the blurb says: Smooth Lock shampoo cleanses, refreshes and nourishes hair with smoothness while Smooth Lock Conditioner eases detangling and instantly helps improve manageability with frizz-free smoothness and luscious-looking shin.

What Franno says: I have used Redken hair spray for some time and I am looking to change my shampoo/conditioner routine, particularly as I’m trying to keep my hair quite naturally coloured at the moment. It’s no where near my real hair colour right now (I’m dying it again tonight), but it’ll be interesting to see if this keeps the colour for longer.

20121113-162844.jpg20121113-162848.jpg4. Makebelieve enhance Shimmer Lip Gloss

What the blurb says: Indulgent moisturising lip gloss for a luscious pout with a hint of shimmer. Apply to the lips for a natural looking enhanced pout or over your preferred lip colour.

What Franno says: I love this packaging! It reminds me of the Kat Von D make up packaging, which I am dying to get my hands on, by the way! It’s a lovely champagne colour, almost see through to go over the top of any lipstick to add a little bit more dimension. It has a massively fresh scent, as opposed to fruity scents you see in these kinds of fruity tubes. There’s also a lot of moisturiser in this, which makes it awesome for Winter with chapped lips.

20121113-162830.jpg5. Yardley Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette

What the blurb says: An elegant dewy fresh, green floral fragrance, reminiscent of flower filled meadows in the spring sunshine. It opens with a burst of energetic top notes in the form of fresh green leaves and apple, combined with a heart of hyacinth and white rose, enhanced with warm base notes of sandalwood and musk.

What Franno says: I’m actually quite surprised with this sample. It’s a lovely, neutral and fresh scent, which I would probably wear if I ran out of my usual flowery and fruity fragrances. This is definitely one that I’m going to keep in my handbag for after swimming lessons.

20121113-162834.jpg6. Murrays Manicure Matchbook Nail Files

What the blurb says: We hope you love your SSB Treat as much as we do. These cute candy-striped miniature files are an absolute must for your handbag. If you are anything like us, you will soon have a pack of these mini files in every bag for nail emergencies.

What Franno says: At the moment, as per all these pictures, my nails are in awful condition! However, when I look after my nails, I look after my nails, so I will probably get some use out of them. Plus, how often is it that a friend needs a nail file?! Super handy and really useful for a lady to have in her handbag 🙂

I don’t really know what to make about this month’s box; I’m genuinely neutral. There are a couple of items that I won’t get much use out of – the perfume sample and the body fragrance – but then again, as I’m looking for new shampoo and I’m going through a real lip product phase at the moment, I will get a massive use out of a couple of these items too.

What did you get in your beauty box? Are you on She Said Beauty? Add me at frannooooo! 🙂

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