WLB Week 36-37

Hi guys.

I’ve decided that I’m going to blog about my weight loss every fortnight now. I feel like blogging about my weight loss is becoming a bit of a chore and that I’m not as focused on blogging about this as much as I am focused on blogging about my pretty beauty things! Ha! With that in mind, here’s what’s been going on with my eating and exercising the past couple of weeks!

I’m still trying to follow the Weight Watchers diet as much as I can, however I’m finding getting back into the swing of things really difficult and I think my diet is what is letting me down the most. I have to get back into a routine, and I’m trying to do that by organising my days much better. Instead of toast or cereal, I’m switching to scrambled eggs and bacon to lower the carbs. Sandwiches are the lunch of choice at the moment, but as it’s getting colder, I’m alternating this with soup. I’m really struggling to give up chocolate, 6 points of my daily food allowance of 30, so I try and fit this in, or get a Freddo or Curly Wurly at 3 points, if I’m really good. Dinner is being switched to a WW ready meal or something equally easy for me to cook. I just need to stick to this and I’m hoping that I’ll lose a whole bunch of weight before all these Christmas do’s start kicking off – but I’m worried I might have left this motivation too late.

In terms of fitness, I am still going to the gym three times a week! Hooray! I just had a fitness test and everything is going well and improving where it’s meant to be improving. The body stats machine wasn’t working properly yesterday, so I don’t have a current break down of my lean weight versus fat weight. So I’m really happy with how that’s been going. I’ve also been using my Fit Bit to try and get to 10K steps a day, but that’s been something of a mission too. I think as soon as I get that down, I’ll be laughing (and skinny).

So, without further adieu, here’s the graphs in terms of weight and body measurements…

Hooray, I lost this week! Awesome! 🙂 Time to keep it going and get into the momentum! I’m not sure what’s been going on with my thigh or hip measurements, but generally, everything is going down, so it’s all good. 🙂 I’m still not quite losing 2lbs, so I’ve got to get my bum in gear and get working towards 2lbs weight losses from here on.. Maybe even 3lbs, if I’m feeling really good! 🙂

How’s your weight loss going? Have you been taking any measurements?


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