Revlon Just Bitten Lipstains and Lip Balms

I’m quite slow on the uptake and, although these fabulous little sticks have been around for a while, I’ve only just got my paws on them at the Superdrug 3 for 2 offer (where I got my foundation and other bits that I’ll be sharing with you)!

When I was at university, I used lipstains all the time. I used to use the one from The Body Shop, which gave my lips a lovely dark pink shade should my lippy ever rub off on a night out – and it used to double up for some cheek stain as well, when I was sporting those hangovers!

Revlon Just Bitten is a lovely lipstain in a wide variety of colours for everyday use if you don’t fancy going the full hog and wearing lipstick. On one end, you have the felt tip looking stain end and at the other side, you have a lovely conditioning balm, leaving those lips kissably smooth.


I picked two up; one in the shade ‘Passion’, a lovely bright pink that I’ll probably get more use out of when it’s Spring time, and the other in the shade ‘Frenzy’, a deeper toned red which I thought would go lovely underneath my Inhibition lipstick (which I am wearing too much at the moment!). When swatching these in Superdrug, I tried to rub the ink stain off and, four hours later, it’s still stuck on my hand, so I have much faith in these products!


This review is mostly about the ‘Frenzy’ shade, which I have been wearing on its own or underneath the darker toned lip products that I’m sporting through Autumn/Winter. Like a felt tip pen, you just draw this product onto your lips. It’s slightly scented of fruits, but this doesn’t stay on your lips. I put on the lip balm afterwards and this made my lips so silky smooth and lasted for absolutely ages – about four hours until I ate something, so I was quite impressed with this product. The balm I would probably use with any product, with the lipstain or without, as it seems very conditioning. It has to be said that when using the lipstain on its own, I found that it dried my lips out a little, so it definitely needs something over the top, but it’s fine just to have something there more permanently than a gloss or a stick. I will probably investigate more shades as well! I bought mine from Superdrug and they cost £7.99 each.

Have you tried Revlon’s Just Bitten lipstains yet?




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