Review: Skyfall

So the other weekend, Jay and I actually had a weekend to ourselves and we ended up going to see the new James Bond film, ‘Skyfall’.

I have been brought up watching James Bond films with my Dad’s heavy influence in watching and loving the films. Jay, however, has only just started watching James Bond films since Sky Movies had introduced their 007 channel and he has managed to watch every single one of them before we went to see this one at the weekend. He is obsessed too 🙂

Daniel Craig is most probably my most favourite Bond out of all of them. He just seems to have the complete attitude there and my Dad said that that is more like what Bond was written as, rather than a Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery where they seemed to do as they were told by MI5; Daniel Craig’s portrayal is more rebellious. And it’s not because he’s ‘well fit’, because I actually don’t fancy him? Hahaha. I’m not sure if it’s the writing that has changed or the change in actor though… And I don’t like Daniel Craig’s pout, which he casually pulls out when he’s like, walking around… I don’t know, hahaha.

The story line is awesome and more modern for today’s audience who may have not seen any JB films before, and the actors are just as amazing. I found myself actually hating the villain, which is obviously the best compliment to the actor playing a baddie, because that’s what you want to achieve. I never really know what to say about films when I review them, because I don’t want to give too much away, but I feel like this film being released on the anniversary is massive credit to the James Bond series and I’m sure we will be buying this on DVD now that Jay is a massive super-fan!

Have you seen the James Bond film yet? What did you think?


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