Bourjois So Laque! Nail Enamel

Another week, another nails of the day!

This week, I’m trying Bourjois’ So Laque! nail enamel. I love Bourjois lipglosses and foundation, and I’m quite surprised I don’t own a single nail varnish by Bourjois in my collection! Here’s to the first one anyway!


The So Laque! nail enamel has twice as much vinyl in the product, resulting in a fabulous shiny nail colour, which will last for a whole week. I know that I’m a rare case, because I’m in and out of chlorinated water a couple of times a week, so we’ll see how this one fares with all the chemicals I throw at it!

I bought my varnish in the shade 37, Bleu Asphalte; a deep purple colour, which I thought would be amazing for the Autumn/Winter season. When I took the brush out of the pot, the first thing I noticed was how runny the product actually is compared to my much loved Barry M nail varnishes. It was very gloopy! But nevertheless, I applied straight to my nails and gave it a go.


The varnish was extremely shiny compared to my usual nail varnishes, which I actually quite liked; because it’s a bit of a dark colour, it sort of gave it something extra. I have to admit, that the above photo was a reapplication after I had the varnish on for a whole nine days! The claim of seven days staying power, I think is quite true but I can’t say for definite as I have been in the pool for about seven hours this week and it did start chipping on the fifth or sixth day. I think, if you weren’t exposed to chlorine all the time, it’d last a lot longer.

I really love this nail varnish and I love this shade, which is sort of a navy, grey, purple all in one, which is perfect for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe and it goes with absolutely everything! A massive thumbs up from me 🙂

Have you tried Bourjois nail varnishes? What do you think of them? What shades do you use for this time of year?



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