The Mascara Files: Benefit’s They’re Real

Hi guys. Sorry I’ve been AWOL recently! I’ve been busy and then I’ve got unwell, so I’m currently blogging from my sofa, under a duvet, with Ozzy chewing a massive bone! With this time though. I can actually take some photos and start planning some posts to bring to your laptop 🙂

Today, I’m continuing my quest for the perfect mascara. So far, we’ve been through Nars and, when Ozzy chewed that one, we went onto Chanel. Today, I’m sharing with you my views on the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara.


Currently, They’re Real is the UK’s best selling mascara and Benefit sell one of these bad boys internationally every 15 seconds. Must be good then, right? To start with, I absolutely love the packaging! It’s so loud and out there, that I manage to find it in a handbag full of crazy! The difference between this and all other mascaras is in the brush; there’s a rounded end which can be used to seperate your eyelashes, as well as the product providing some good length to your lashes individually.

As well as length and seperation, I would say that the mascara also provides some curl upon application and it has almighty staying power that, although it doesn’t state that it is water proof, my make up remover has problems getting the product off of my lashes after a long day at work. Or on the sofa to make me feel better, whatever. At £18.50, it is one of my more expensive mascaras but definitely one I will be repurchasing.

I absolutely love this mascara and it seems to be one that I am turning to even more on a daily basis, so I kind of want to stick with this one for a while. But I have others to try out, so although this is my #1 at the moment, it could change with all the other mascaras I have in my eye make up drawer!

Have you tried Benefit’s They’re Real mascara?


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