MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick

Is it me or am I buying a lot of lipstick recently?! I’m having a right splurge, eh!? I think it’s because most of my lipsticks before the last few weeks have been massively bold colours and now I’m maturing to a more natural look. I’ll keep telling myself that anyway 🙂

I had a huge MAC haul the other day when I was online Christmas present shopping. Well, you can’t buy other people stuff without buying yourself a little something too, can you!? So there will be a series of Mac posts as well as I bought completely brand new (to me) products that I have never tried before. How exciting!


Firstly, I’ll talk to you about Pink Plaid. Again, with the natural lip tones, but this is a bit more pinky than the Collection 2000 lipstick or the Clinique lipstick that I keep in my handbag. I think that this would probably suit me a little more as my skin tone is a lot cooler in the colder seasons and those ones would probably suit me a bit more in the summer. I’ll end up wearing them all anyway though – you guys know what I’m like!

The finish of this lippy is matte, which adds to the natural look for day time. And I suppose, if you wanted to dress it up a bit, you could add a gloss over the top of it anyway. I love having that option when it comes to lipstick, because you’ll never know when you’ll end up in the pub!


I have quite dry lips at the moment and I wouldn’t say that this product particularly made my lips feel more moisturised which would’ve been an added extra. I would say that this product is long lasting, like most of Mac products, and I’m still not sure if it suits my skin tone or not, but I’m sticking with it for a change. It’s a little pinkier than my natural lips and I’m not sure if this worked or not. What do you think?


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