Christmas Wish List – #1 Nikon 1 camera

Hi guys. I thought I’d share with you what I’m hoping Santa will bring me for Christmas! To be honest, there’s not much I want this year; I’ve sort of grown out of the I WANT A PONY frame of mind that I had when I was younger and I’m more into the fact that you spend Christmas with your loved ones and you should be grateful with whatever you receive.


If Santa is listening, he should know that I would like a Nikon 1 camera please. Not the pink one either. I have been ever so good this year…

I have always been a Nikon baby and I am getting more and more into my blog now that sometimes the camera on my iPhone 4S is not doing justice to the pictures I want to take. I’m sure you guys have noticed this! I’m thinking of diving into the world of YouTube – only thinking about it, so let me know what you think before I go on there and make a fool out of myself! – and I think that this would be useful if I was to pursue that idea too. I have read some awesome reviews on this camera and I think it would be good for everyday life, as well as helping me out here with the bloggage.

What have you asked Santa for this Christmas?

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