Top Shop’s Wicked Lipstick

As promised, I’m introducing you to another of Top Shop’s Dark Side of Nude product and this time, (surprise, surprise…) it’s their lipstick in Wicked.


I bought this online, after seeing GemsMaquillage‘s video on her favourites, but I was a bit worried about the colour of this when I opened it up. It looks very brown. But upon swatching, it looks pinky and when I put it on, it looks like a red! It’s a glossy finish and feels moisturising on my Wintery, scaley lips. And, as with all Top Shop lipsticks, this stays put for a fairly long while before topping it up again.

20121204-124333.jpgNow, I know what you’re thinking. Franno, you’ve already bought a plum lipstick from Top Shop called Inhibition! You are right! And I’m wearing it out with the amount of times I’ve worn it since I’ve bought it. So, what’s the difference?

20121204-124340.jpgInhibition is actually a little bit bluer than Wicked, so it achieves a little bit more of a gothic look. I think Wicked is probably more wearable for every day bold-lipped look, rather than Inhibition, which I think is more of a dramatic night on the tiles kinda look. What do you think?

Wicked lippy
Inhibition lippy

Excuse the lack of face make up today – I had a facial this morning and I’m not allowed to apply anything for 24 hours… Burying myself indoors and tidying up around the house today 🙂

What do you think? Which do you prefer? What’s your favourite plum or wintery lip product?


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