Franno’s Christmas Traditions

It’s nearly here and I thought I’d share with you guys some of my Christmas traditions 🙂 I’d like to think that my family is almost like every other family, but you never know 🙂 Please bear in mind that I’m part Irish and alcohol is a massive part in our tradition! Seriously, three or more days of drinking…

It was the 1st of December when Jay got out all the Christmas decs! We weren’t sure if we were going to be putting up decorations this year – not because we’re all ‘bah humbug’, but because we weren’t celebrating Christmas at our home. My Mum lives just around the corner from us and we usually spend Christmas there, but this Christmas is different as I’m spending my first Christmas with the Jay-fam whilst the Franno-fam go off to Australia for five weeks. Jealous? Me?! NEVER!

(Side note: I hate myself for not saving enough work holiday to go on out there with them…)

This Christmas is going to be a bit difficult for me, with my Mum and brother heading to the other side of the (sunbathing) world and, of course, it’s the third Christmas without my Dad. I’m trying not to think about it too much, as it gets me a little tearful, so onwards with the Christmas traditions!

In our house, we have one tree, some Christmas lights around our doorway out of our living room and some lights across the mantle piece in our living room. Realistically, we’re going to be picking up some more in the near future. And, because I don’t like tinsel (bah humbug!), I’ll be taking and binning hiding the tinsel away so that Jay doesn’t get it out again this year 🙂 Ozzy often tries to attack our Christmas tree, so we’ve a make shift tree-guard (a table on its side) to ensure that he doesn’t ruin Christmas!

This year, because of everyone leaving early, I bought all of my Christmas presents in November and we’re having our family Christmas dinner on 8th, a couple of weeks before the fam go. Usually, we’d go out and get absolutely plastered in our local pub on Christmas Eve and all stand in the hallway, tearing away at one Christmas present each! Is it me or is the build up to Christmas a lot more exciting than the day itself? There’s ‘bah humbug’ again in this post… But I love watching Sky Christmas on the movie channel and every year, Channel 4 crack Elf out! I’m quite happy that the Christmas songs haven’t really been overplayed yet, because I think last year, it was ridiculously early and it all got so boring!

We’re not having an actual Christmas dinner on Saturday, because that’s weird, so we’re having PIES! I love pies. Usually, for Christmas dinner, we alternate between Mum’s house and my Nan’s house. My Nan makes THE BEST stuffing IN THE WORLD. She won’t give me the recipe though… Before we sit down to eat, the men go to the pub for a few beers and, because we’re mostly men, Mum, Nan and I will lay the table, help with the dinner or just open up the bottle of Bailey’s, champagne or pre-made Buck’s Fizz and snowballs, and start drinking too!

We stuff our faces. We pull some crackers. Now that we’re older, we tell inappropriate jokes. We play with our cracker toys. And, last year, we kept my cousin awake because he got in at 7am on Christmas morning from his night out and he was feeling a lot worse for wear. And then, we take all the plates and stuff outside and head on into the living room, to start our annual Christmas puzzle. Last year, it took us until March to finish it, but puzzles are awesomely sociable and everyone gets involved, apart from Granddad, who falls asleep 🙂

Boxing Day is generally another day of boozing. Back to the pub, we go in force! And usually, they hold some sort of disco and we get the party going! Haha.

What are your Christmas traditions? Where are you spending Christmas this year?


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