The Lipstick I keep in my car

Hi guys! Today, I’m reporting to you live from my car! I’ve been running around in my little car for quite a while this week, due to crazy times at work and being really busy doing family things before my Mum and brother head off to the Land Down Under, so I thought I’d give you a snippet of my lifesaver that stays in my car for those “Oh my word, I need some lippy!” times!


Here’s my No. 7 Stay Perfect lipstick in Coral Rose. I bought it a few months ago when coral was massively ‘in’ and it’s stayed in my car ever since as my go-to “I’m in a rush!” product. The staying power is not massively long lasting like you might find in a more expensive lipstick, but I absolutely adore the colour, which is a bit more pinky-orange than my lip colour. It’s lovely and moisturising as well, so I’m overall really chuffed. Here’s a before and after.

20121217-131153.jpgWow, I was obviously really happy about going to work today… The No. 7 lipsticks are available from Boots and cost £9.00 each.

Do you have a lipstick that stays in your car for emergencies? Or is that just me…??




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