Feeling Charitable This Christmas :)

Just a bit of a random post from me today. I’m feeling really charitable for Christmas this year. Not only am I starting my Dryathlon for Cancer Research UK for four months in January, this morning I donated £50 in memory of my Dad for Christmas to Cancer Research UK. It’s something I do every year, so it doesn’t necessarily need massive recognition for me; it’s just nice to do something positive out of something negative.

On Friday, I watched Text Santa, which is like an ITV’s version of Children in Need/Comic Relief, however they raise money for six different charities. It really brought home how lucky I am and how I don’t really appreciate it all of the time. Well, don’t not appreciate it all the time, but I suppose I take it for granted. Some of the charities included caring for others and nurses who have to help carers with 24 hour care for sick people, so they don’t really get a break for Christmas – that one day that everyone gets off to see all their friends and family, and probably take for granted. It really struck a chord with me and I decided to text Santa to 70070 to donate a £5er. There are other ways of donating and to find out more, just click on the first time I mentioned Text Santa in this post, which will show you all the ways to fundraise some money for some great causes. The last running total I heard was that Text Santa had raised about £5million and I heard that yesterday, so we’re probably well over that now! It’s amazing how much our nation can raise, even though we’re in a recession – don’t you think?

Have you done anything charitable for Christmas this year? Did you watch Text Santa on Friday?



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