L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer in Black Vinyl

Ozzy has a thing for make up in long tubes. He has such a terrible habit of reaching over on my dressing cabinet and actually moving his little paws to reach whatever is closest. Needless to say, he destroyed my L’Oreal Super Liner in Black Carbon, which has been discontinued and was my favourite liquid eyeliner of all time. Le sigh.


When I was headed out at Superdrug, on a shopping binge for yet another of their amazing deals, I grabbed L’Oreal’s black lacquer super liner in black vinyl. I swiped it across my hand and it looked amazing. Because of the vinyl effect, it doesn’t look as black but sort of reflects light, as you would imagine from a vinyl record to appear, which I didn’t mind.

No eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow!

I wore this eyeliner everyday with or without eyeshadow and with or without eyeshadow primer. Firstly, to apply, the liquid eyeliner has an amazing applicator, which I think made me fall so in love with it’s predecessor; it’s easy to create a slim lined effect, getting right into the corner of the eye and it only takes a few seconds to create the most fashionable of winged eyeliners, but if you wanted a thicker line, that’s no problem too. Unfortunately, the product did not work for me without an eyeshadow primer, which I am gutted about. It smudged all over my eyelid and started feeling really, really sticky – so much so that, after four hours of wear, I’d had enough and had to take off all of my eye make up and redo the whole thing all over again.

Four hours after first application… smudge! Boo!

I really wanted to love this product, but now I have found myself on the hunt for a better liquid eyeliner…

Do you have any recommendations? Have you wanted to love a new product after loving the old one so much?!


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