What I Got For Christmas…

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and everything went really smoothly 🙂 I spent Christmas with Jay and his family, but I opened most of my presents on the Eve before my Mum and brother were going to Australia, so this post has been a bit super keen! First off, I would like to say that this post is not meant to be a braggy, ‘look at what I got’ post; I know some people are put off by Christmas/birthday hauls, but I am truly thankful for what I received and I appreciate that I have been really spoilt rotten by my loved ones this year. I’m generally nosey at what people receive and I hope that people won’t take this the wrong way.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Today, I am taking photos of my products with my new camera that Jay bought me 🙂 I got the one I wanted, the Nikon 1 🙂 Hooray!! I’m still figuring out lenses and stuff, and I’m pretty new to photography, but I’m really loving using it so far. Here’s my assistant, Ozzy, for this post… He kept getting in the way of taking photos and then, he jumped up at my unit and accidentally smashed a glass… So he’s downstairs with Jay as I write this post now 🙂


Just look at how bright he looks, even though it’s night time right now! So happy so far 🙂 If anyone has any tips with helping me get the most out of my camera, let me know 🙂


I received these two perfumes for Christmas this year. The one on the right is my beloved Lady Gaga Fame perfume, which is my scent of the moment (that I’m steadily running out of quickly!) and my Godparents got me that one 🙂 On the left is from my brother and it’s a Van Cleef and Arpels fragrance called Oriens. I love the bottle to start with and it smells very sweet and florally. It does smell tonnes on first spritz, but it’s actually really lovely and subtle when it calms down a bit 🙂 Well done, bruv!


My Aunt and Uncle picked me up this cute little set of toiletries by Betty Jackson Black. These are always really handy for when I go away, which I am hoping to do a lot in the New Year. Ozzy likes them too 🙂


From my Mum, I got this Louis Vuitton satchel, which I looooove. I think Louis Vuitton accessories are amazing to pass down to future generations and, as I’m massively into the satchel look right now, I can see this being a well-used bag as it’s much bigger than my Cambridge satchel. She also got me a Michael Kors watch as well, so I am really being spoiled rotten by my Mum!


From my grandparents, I got a snazzy pink dressing gown, which is what I really needed as I keep taking Jay’s. It’s so warm and fleecy and it has a hood, which is amazing for when I’m having a slobbing out day. Honestly, I haven’t really got out of this dressing gown over the holidays!


From my in-laws, I got various bits and bobs, including this snood, socks, theatre vouchers and notepad. I got matching gloves and diary, which aren’t pictured and Jay’s sister got me a chocolate pizza, which I haven’t photographed, seeing as it’s nearly all gone…

Probably the most ‘out there’ Christmas present was from my cousin, who bought me a scratch card with the chance of winning £10million! I didn’t win 😦 Sad. I don’t have a picture of it, as I threw it away! Even sadder!

What did you get for Christmas? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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