WLB: Intermittent Fasting

Today I’m writing with you about a new dieting lifestyle I have discovered called Intermittent Fasting. My bereavement counsellor first suggested it to me as a way of feeling a lot more ‘guilt free’ about dieting in general. You know, that feeling when you are on a diet, but eat a large deep panned pizza with all the toppings and then feel guilty afterwards? That.

Intermittent fasting is not a new concept and I spent absolutely ages looking into YouTube videos with some impressive befores and afters, and blog posts that are raving about it. The idea is based on fasting for once or twice a week for 24 hours so that your body is burning fat, rather than anything else. There are some astounding results and the fasting doesn’t affect your muscle mass so you aren’t really having a negative impact on your body. The small wins come from when you’re doing well on your diet, when you are fasting and lasting as long as you do and the aim is to not feel so terrible about eating that pizza on one of your non-fasting days. This is what I learned on YouTube, but if you want to read more into it, there is a book called Eat Stop Eat that everyone is raving about. For me, the presentation that the author had uploaded to YouTube was enough for me to get started.

So, instead of weighing in over the past few Wednesdays, because I have been doing really badly at eating and exercising recently, I decided to start on a fasting day. Because my fast is for 24 hours, I can eat again at about 5pm in the evening, but something nice and not calorific, and I can drink water, black tea or coffee (but I don’t drink those!), diet sodas and I can chew chewing gum, although on a good day, that also makes me hungry, so I just sip at my water all day long! Generally, my first fast day went quite well; I went to the gym in the morning and didn’t really feel hungry at all up until lunchtime. The problem with Wednesdays is that I get in the pool to teach for half an hour in the afternoon, which makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I’ve decided to try this diet properly and I’ve taken my before picture. I won’t show that to you now! Hahahaha, but I will do a comparison when I have finally reached my desired weight and feel confident enough that this diet works. Could this be the diet I’ve been waiting for?!

I haven’t weighed myself over the Christmas holidays and jumped on the scale today, to find that I haven’t done at all that badly in the weight department. I’m back to 179lbs, which is quite a lot when you think about when my diet was going amazingly well and I was 174lbs… But swings and roundabouts and I’m totally dedicated to losing all of my weight this year! I’m back to the gym after work this afternoon, I’m giving up the booze for four months and I’m thinking more consciously about food and fasting.

Not only that, I have adopted a new weight loss buddy in an old university friend, who wants to lose weight to fit into her wedding dress for May. Our weigh in day will be Sundays, but I’m still going to be weighing myself all the time, so I’ll keep you updated with a mid-week chart. Hopefully, writing this mid-week and talking to my mate about weight loss on Sunday will be enough to keep my mind off of the pizza.

Have you got a weight loss resolution? What are you doing to change your diet and throw away those lbs?

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