60 Day Spending Ban

Word up, homes? Isn’t it glorious to have such a short week!? I wish that every Monday was a bank holiday…

I’ve decided to give myself a little bit of a spending ban. Realistically, it’s to help me out with one of my resolutions, regarding my spending habits, but I do want to save some money now as my spending has been so out of control! Now, I’ve read on some people’s blogs that they’re doing it for 100 days! I don’t think I’d be able to cope, so I’m going half-arsed (well, nearly two-thirds-arsed) and doing mine for 60 days. Two precious months. Starting from today.

Obviously, there are some things I have to spend money on. These are my ‘bare essentials’ and include replacement of everyday make up that I use (no new brands or new products), replacement of everyday skincare, food, water, petrol. Nothing else. No clothes. No make up. NADA.

I actually don’t think this will make a huge impact on the beauty aspect of my blog, seeing as I still have so much to write about that I bought at the end of last year, so here’s hoping.

Why don’t you join me on my spending ban and see how long you last? My ban will be lifted on Tuesday 5th March but, if I’m not feeling the strain too much, I might go the whole hog and just get to 100…

Don’t forget, I’m doing the Dryathlon for four months, and you can sponsor me just by clicking on the widget to the left hand side of my blog 🙂 FOUR WHOLE MONTHS WITHOUT BOOZE deserves the same amount of sponsorship as a vodka diet coke costs in your local boozer, so sponsor me that! 🙂


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