WLB Week 2 of 2013 and Dryathlon Week 1

Okay, so here we go. It’s the first official weigh in on my blog this week to see if the Weight Watchers diet is working for me this year.

On Sunday, I weighed in with my weight loss uni buddy and had lost 0.5lb. Hooray a loss, but boo not that much. I really want to aim for 2lbs a week, so hopefully I’ve made that up through the rest of my week. I have started my intermittent fasting part of my diet (>post here<), and I tried to do it for a full 24 hours yesterday, but gave up at the last hurdle, as we went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour (I’ll show you some of my pictures in my next post! I am blown away and want to live there!) and it was a very walky day alongside going to the gym in the early morning!

Exercise has been good; I went to the gym three times last week, I’ve booked three sessions for this week and I’m going to be swimming after my swimming lessons. I was also planning to go Zumba in the evenings but right now, because of my spending ban (>post here<), I’ll probably start that in March. I’ve lost my Fit Bit and again, due to my spending ban, I’m not replacing that until March.

In terms of my Dryathlon (>post here<), I’m totally not missing booze as much as I thought I would. That makes me sound sooo alcoholic, but I do enjoy a couple of bevvies at the weekend and seeing mates. Instead, I just chilled in with the dog and watched rubbish telly. So far so good! It’s about 11 weeks left, so hopefully, I’ll see an impact on my weight loss with this as well.

Anyways, enough procrastinating. Here’s how I did this week (the following is from my Weight Watchers account 🙂 )

weight loss graph


I’ve lost 1.2lbs this week! Woo hoo! Although slightly off of my target of 2lbs a week, it’s still a loss, so I’m really happy with that. I’m going to keep going as I am going and make sure that I use all of my daily points as that seems to be working at the moment. Gym three times a week is already starting to take it’s toll and I’ve only just had my second session this week! Gross.

How’s your weight loss going so far this year? Have you lost your turkey weight from Christmas!?


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