Twisted Sista Hair Products*

Right now, I’m trying to grow my hair. Like really grow my hair. It’s never been past my shoulders but I’m all for trying new things, be it styles, colours or lengths and I’m just quite intrigued to see how far it grows. There are a few things I’ve learned whilst trying to grow my hair. Things such as hair grows quicker when you are nicer to it in terms of ‘stop dying it, Franno!’ and using nicer products on it so, when I was offered the opportunity to try Twisted Sista hair products*, I jumped at the chance.

Twisted Sista is a UK-based brand that caters for all  hair types from straight to curly and was formulated in conjunction with hair are professionals at a London based salon to deliver quick, easy to use, high performance products that care for and protect the hair. Originally formulated to control frizz, the brand has evolved by introducing twisted fix which promotes hair health and strength – amazing, because I have wavy hair that I have damaged (due to my experiments with hair dye!) and am always straightening, so when I do have a non-styled day, my hair goes all sorts of insane frizz. Each product is free from sulphates, parabens, phalates and mineral oil to maintain healthy condition. This is massively appealing to me because, although I haven’t had a proper flare up in a while, I do have an eczema-prone scalp, so I try to avoid as many chemicals as I can to not aggravate it! A few years ago, Twisted Sista was aimed primarily to ladies and gentlemen with afro-type hair, however it seems like they are trying to expand their market. My hair is not very coarse and it is quite fine, but there is just a lot of it; I therefore cannot comment about what the products may do for your hair 🙂

I received this samples before Christmas so this review is slightly overdue, but wanted to try these out properly before giving a full on review. I haven’t tried the straightening blow dry cream I received or the hot curls perfector, as I don’t use heat to curl my hair and most of the time, I don’t have the time to blow dry my hair either 🙂DSC_0102

DSC_0103 First of all, I tried Twisted Sista’s leave in conditioner. I have been applying this massively to my hair after every wash, whilst it’s still damp. The scent is extremely fruity; it sort of reminds me of the Baptiste dry shampoo in that it’s fruity but very powdery. The first time I tried it, I noticed my hair got kinda huuuuuuge, because I decided to let it all dry naturally. I’m sure, if I’d bothered to straighten it, it would’ve made a much better impact on my first impression. I would say it left my hair ridiculously soft and my boyfriend commented upon how well it cleared up whatever eczema flakes I actually had in my hair. Massive plus for me.

DSC_0104 Next, I decided to try the straightening thermal perfector, as I do straighten my hair quite frequently. The scent of this one was so in your face, it made me choke when I first sprayed it, but this didn’t stick around on my hair, so it was quite a nice product to use for the end result. I also noticed that my hair actually stayed straighter for longer when using this product, which I only used to spritze when it was damp, rather than apply section by section. I was pleasantly surprised and I have been reaching for this a whole bunch more than I thought I would’ve with the empowering smell.

DSC_0105The last product I tried was the curl activator. I have naturally wavy hair, so usually, I can get away with just chucking in a load of mousse and scrunching it up until I’m surrounded by quite tight ringlets and I had the same expectations for this. I had to use quite a lot of product in my hair; I don’t know if it was because my hair is quite thick as well but, whereas the layered parts of my hair around my face were super curly, I found that the back of my head wasn’t curling as much as it would do with a mousse. My hair was also feeling a bit frizzy, although it was still soft around the properly curled bits.

I am definitely impressed and still using my leave-in conditioner and straightening protector, and I can’t rave about these enough! I think the price is reasonable and, although upon first applying, the scent is quite overpowering, it does die down and leaves your hair smelling quite fresh. Maybe if I used even more product from the curl activator, I may have had a better effect.

Through lots of googling, I can’t seem to find a UK-based website for Twisted Sista, but more information can be found on the US site which is here. Twisted Sista products are available at Tesco from £3.99.

*I was sent these products to review and this is still my honest opinion of them.


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