WLB Week 3 and Dryathlon Week 2

Hi guys. Just a quick one today, as I’m super busy!

Here’s my weigh in graph (from StepStats.com):

weight loss graph

This week, I actually put on weight 😦 I’m not making excuses, but I have increased my water intake, so I think that might have something to do with it. Also, I’ve had a bit of a stressful week (since Monday and it’s only Wednesday!), so I’m wondering if it’s stress related.

Not happy, but I’ve still got a few more gym sessions before next week’s weigh in, so I’m hoping it’ll sort itself out. After going to the gym today, I have more sessions tomorrow, Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week! I have increased my exercise in the hope that I’ll fall into this better routine and weight will fall off. I’m going on another fasting day tomorrow, as I think the last one I had was last Friday, which was nearly a week ago – oops! I’m hoping this might help my weight loss even more.

Dryathlon is still going well 🙂 I don’t miss the drink at all. My skin is actually starting to recover from the abuse over Christmas! Don’t forget, there’s still time to sponsor me for my non-drinking until April, so go and click on the button on the left and donate what you can to Cancer Research UK.

How was your weigh in this week? 


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