WLB Week 4

Happy Wednesday, y’all! 🙂

Without further adieu, here’s how I’ve done this week (via StepStats):

weight loss graph

This week, I lost a huge 2.6lbs! Hooray!! 🙂 Not only that, I’ve been looking into how I’ve been doing over the last month and this is how it goes:

weight loss graph

JUST LOOK AT THE WEIGHT LOSS GOODNESS! Yes, I did weigh less yesterday, but I was at a funeral and there were cheesy chips and I can’t hold myself back from comfort food… I am really proud of myself, particularly this week, as we’ve been hit by snow and I haven’t been to the gym since Thursday! This week, I’m going to concentrate on more exercise; I’m psyching myself up to start the Insanity work out that I bought quite a while ago but scared myself off of… My brother has just started it and he’s already seeing results, so it can’t be that scary. He is a lot fitter than I am though…

This week, I’m feeling a lot more motivated to get the weight off and keep it off. Although I’m sure I won’t have as massive weight loss as this week, I’m really hoping that I can keep the stamina going until holidays in March.

How did you do with your weight loss this week? 

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