My Month: January 2013

It feels like absolutely ages since I’ve posted! Sorry, guys; there hasn’t really been much of an excuse, other than I have been doing a bunch of stuff over the past couple of weeks. I have a few posts scheduled for you over the next week, so I look forward to sharing with you some bits and pieces 🙂

This is my new monthly feature and is a review of my month. I wanted to make my blog a bit more personal this year and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy these features, and seeing what I got up to!

This month has mostly been fitness orientated, starting off very well with going to the gym three times a week at the beginning of the month however, with the announcement of my spending ban (>link here<), I found realistically that I couldn’t really afford to keep trekking back and forth in my car and paying out £hundreds for the gym appointments, so I decided to start my Insanity workout towards the end of this month; I’m currently a week into it and I’m feeling fabulous and I will be writing a review of it when I’ve finished the first month for you! Of course, this month has been the beginning of my 2013 weight loss journey and you can follow my progress here every Wednesday (apart from last Wednesday…).

In terms of work, I have been working really hard at my full time job, trying to really increase our numbers of clients. My job role has slightly changed and I’ve been given more hours, as I’m in a more positive frame of mind than I was at the end of last year. I feel like I’m a lot more ‘stable’ in terms of my emotions and I’ve really been understanding bereavement and mourning a lot more; I’m scheduling a post about bereavement and my personal journey through bereavement in a couple of days or so and I hope that some people find that useful if they’re going through a bad time.

My spending ban has been okay. Unfortunately, I got a tyre puncture this month and Ozzy had to have a small eye operation in the same week, so I haven’t managed to save anything. In fact, I’ve had to borrow some money off of my Mum for the time being, as it really knocked me out of whack! Dogs are so expensive; Ozzy’s small operation on his eye cost me nearly £500!! I can’t wait to claim it back on his pet insurance and hopefully fall into some more money with more hours next month. Jay and I have agreed that, if we save enough, we’re going to try and go to New York for New Year’s Eve, so I’m really focused for this now! I think that changing my blog to a more personal blog rather than beauty focused will definitely help me not to spend so much!

My Dryathlon (>link here<) is still going strong; I am one month down and I’ve got another 77 days to go until my birthday and my first drink of 2013! Honestly, I do feel better for it and I don’t really miss the booze at all. Before Christmas, I was drinking so much all the time on the binge! But I think I’ve realised that I don’t need a drink to have a good time because I’m bubbly enough as it is!

The highlight of this month was definitely going to the Harry Potter studios (>link here with not many spoilers!<)! And, of course, the snow! Ozzy and Jay had a massive snow day and played in the garden all day, and I took about a billion photos; Oz absolutely loves it!

The worst point in this month was going to a funeral of a pub friend who died suddenly and left his one year old daughter behind with his fiancée; I just can’t imagine how she must be feeling right now, but I hope she knows that I’m here if she needs someone to chat to.

So there we have it; that’s my month in a blog post! I hope you had a good January and I’ll see more of you in February 🙂

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