WLB Weeks 5 and 6

This week’s going to be a pretty brief post, as I’m super busy at work! Here’s my graph for the last two weeks (via StepStats.com):

weight loss graph

It’s been a very up and down last two weeks. I am still doing my Insanity work out and drinking tonnes of water, so I think that might be the reason why! I’ve just got to keep at it. I’m thinking of going back to the gym alongside my Insanity work out, just to give myself a bit more of a boost! More exercise required!

My diet hasn’t been too bad… Okay, I’m lying. Last week it was really bad, but that’s because of my brother’s birthday and the rugby and whatever else is going on! So I’m focusing on that a lot more this week, for a bigger weight loss for next week.

How has your weight loss been going? Did you lose this week? 


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