Haul: Boots, Garnier and Soap & Glory

20130210-153922.jpgI know, I know, I’m on my spending ban. But I have just been to lunch with a friend and I needed to pick up my Blue Corn exfoliator from The Body Shop for this evening, but The Body Shop was shut, so I had to make do with Boots!

Firstly, I picked up some Boots cotton pads. I prefer the Boots or Superdrug cotton pads, compared to the ones from supermarkets, as they’re a lot softer on my skin. They’re usually on some sort of deal, so I always pick up two 🙂

I picked up some of my favourite Garnier eye make up remover. I found this is the best one for me; the camomile ones for sensitive eyes still sting around the corners of my eyes and I don’t actually have any reaction to this one at all!

Lastly, I picked up some Soap & Glory bits to replace my exfoliator for this evening. I picked up Face Soap and Clarity which is a daily face wash; I have to admit, I thought this was exfoliator… But it smells nice and will make a change from my boring cleanser that doesn’t appear to be doing much to my face at the minute. In substitute for the masking effect of my usual, I picked up The Fab Pore, which is a facial peel, helping tighten pores and smooth the skin. I’m planning on using this for my Sunday night pamper sesh. As the Soap & Glory range is on three for two at the moment (cue: run to your nearest Boots!), I also picked up You Won’t Believe Your Eyes, to reduce the puffiness of not enough sleep. I’ve never really got into Soap & Glory before, but I’ve heard good things, so I’m looking forward to trying them out and I’ll let you know how I get on in due course 🙂

Have you splurged recently?


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