Soap & Glory ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’



Soap and Glory, ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ Illuminating Under Eye Serum, £10.50 from Boots >available here<

Ozzy has been sick a lot recently. Last month, he had an operation on his eye and last week, he had kennel cough that he’d picked up from absolutely anywhere and it made me feel like a terrible owner, even though he can pick it up from a walk or from doggy day care or from anywhere else he has been! It sounded like he had something lodged in his throat and he was coughing to the point of throwing up and keeping us up all night! My eyes have suffered because of it, so I trundled down to Boots to pick up some exfoliator and, when I saw Soap & Glory products were on special offer, I decided to give their ‘You Won’t Believe Your Eyes’ moisture serum a go as well.

I don’t really use Soap & Glory products. There’s no reason why I don’t; I’ve just always found other alternatives that I have been in love with for years and have just kept with those. I have been using The Body Shop gel for eyes, but it doesn’t really do anything to my delicate eye skin. It’s just absorbed and I don’t think anything else of it.

YWBYE uses Live Yeast Cell Derivative which is posh for ‘the stuff that you find in haemorrhoid cream that people with baggy eyes have been using for years and years’, which lifts your eyes and depuffifies them, making you look almost human again. YWBYE includes moisturiser and anti-wrinkly bits for good measure as well.

The applicator is like a little roll on with three rollerballs, that you roll on your lower eyelid, from the inside out and I’ve been dabbing it dry and then chucking concealer over the top. The product is white, but turns to clear on application and is fragrance-free. I have to admit, this has been my saviour over the past week! I can feel the tightening under my eyes as soon as I’ve applied it and I’m sure it’s been brightening the underneath bits as well – just not brightening enough that I feel confident to leave it at that without the concealer.

I will definitely be repurchasing this product – although I don’t think that will be for a fair while, as you don’t need to use too much product each time.

Have you tried Soap & Glory products? Which would you recommend? What other eye products do you use?


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