My 60 day spending ban: An Update

So you may remember a small post about how I’m on a spending ban and not spending any money on me and make up and stuff that I just don’t need (>link here<). Well. Here’s a quick update.

As I wrote in my end of January round up (>link here<), last month, Ozzy had to have a small operation on his eyelid. Quite literally, just a stitch. This set me back £500. Then, I had a tyre puncture. And parking tickets. And so far this month, Ozzy had to go to the vet again, to treat his kennel cough and, although a £6 bottle of Benyllyn would have done the job, the vets charged me £100 for two injections, taking Ozzy’s temperature and a course of antibiotics – although, the look on Ozzy’s face when they stuck the thermometer you-know-where was hilarious, it wasn’t £100 worth of comedy.

And of course, our washing machine broke down last week.

Does anyone else feel like when they make a real conscious effort to do something, the universe is completely against them? Jay and I are saving to go away to New York at the end of the year and I had planned to have saved for most of it by now and book my flights at the end of the month, but I’m actually borrowing money off my Mum, just to live. It’s a sad, sorry state of affairs and I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t getting me down. I can’t do anything that I want to do, even if I wasn’t in a spending ban, because of my lack of finance and making ends meet is becoming somewhat of a worry.

I’m really hopeful that everything is going to change soon. Maybe March will be much less of a strain on the red and black lines of my bank balance. Things that will inevitably alter my savings are the fact that I’ve increased my hours again and that started from the beginning of this month, so I will have more of a pay packet for when I get paid in mid-March. But am I being overly hopeful?! In March, my car has to be taxed and insured again. No doubt, I’ll get another parking ticket (grumble, grumble, parking) and I’m probably going to have to fix the leak from my shower at some point.

Don’t get me wrong; I am very appreciative of what I have and my privileges, blah blah blah. And am I being greedy to want some sort of life outside of actually living? Bearing in mind, that I’m not drinking alcohol right now but, in a couple of months, this will become another expense that I can’t afford.

I still can’t pinpoint when in my life I became a fully fledged adult. When I was a student, I handled my money a lot better than what I do now. Weekly pay day was a blessing back in those days – ahhh, the times before council tax, electricity bills and cheap food and drink is such a dream from where I’m sitting now. Honestly, I just wish I was more sensible with money and that I found this out before I even started my spending ban.

Today marks the last day of my spending ban and I have consciously decided that I want to extend this a little bit longer. Realistically, my calendar is not getting really busy until June/July time, so why not extend it to the end of May? Another 60 days to try and rectify this situation! Next update about my now extended spending ban on 4th May! 🙂


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