Aaaand I’m BACK!

I am back in the UK after a very chilled, relaxing and tanning holibob. I had such an amazing time, but I have a confession… I broke my Dryathlon. Twice. So, I’m going to put monies in the pot to say I’m sowree for being completely and utterly rubbish and not sticking to my Dryathlon all the way through. But I was on holiday. I am, however, happily back ‘on the wagon’ after the severity of my two hangovers after breaking it twice. Seriously, I missed two WHOLE days off of being in the sun and just staying in bed. Sob. Karma. But people were surprised I lasted as long as I did (three months, in case you had forgotten!) before finally snapping.

I stayed at the English Harbour in Antigua and it was beautiful. Beautiful beaches and views, a little bit of history around the corner in Nelson’s Dockyard, lovely people (including the company that we went with) and the most amazingly big boats dinghies yachts that I have ever sawed. Incredible! I would thoroughly recommend it; it was probably one of the better (if not, the best) holidays I’ve ever been on! But I did miss my home and Ozzy. For a bit. Now, I want to go back with Ozzy…

I’m back on home turf for one whole month of solid work and diet before I head on out to Tenerife to my Mum’s house for a family/pub friend’s 60th in the sun! And, of course, I’m hoping to blog a little bit more than I have been of late. I’m hoping (with the help of my boyfriend, as I don’t have a camera tripod – potential Birthday present, methinks!) that I can start with some outfit posts as well, which I hope that you’ll find interesting. I’m going to try and do these when I’m not teaching and definitely out of the pool – and when I’m not wearing my standard ‘massive jumper and baggy leggings’ combo, like I am today. It’s sooo cold compared to Caribbean climates!

I will be weighing myself on Wednesday – much against my own request… Antigua is not for exercising or eating well – but I know I need to know where to start again for the hard work to start before Tenerife. That being said, I did manage to drag my tired, sorry ass to the gym at 6.30am this morning, despite only landing home yesterday morning and being very jetlagged and tired. Kudos to me. Three more sessions this week and another four booked in for next week. BAH!

I hope you’re all well and warm. I can’t believe it’s this cold in March. If it continues like this, it’ll probably be snowing on my birthday (April), which has happened once in my lifetime before. Bloody England. Hopefully this means it’ll be a warmer summer? Peace out for now!


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