WLB: The Post-Holiday Weigh In (Week 13)

Here we are. Week 13. Unlucky for some, eh? So this week, it’s the weigh in after my holiday. I had a sneaky weigh in yesterday, so I roughly knew what to expect, but nevertheless, sharing this with you all is always nervewracking when I know it’s inevitable that I’ve put on.

So, let’s get straight to the point, shall we?


Surprisingly, I only put on 1.7lbs when I was on holiday! I was expecting a lot more, so generally, I’m quite happy with that. Not overly happy, as the best result would’ve been to lose something, but then again, I ate what I wanted, I didn’t exercise and I drank on two occasions to excess.

This week, it’s the bank holiday weekend for Easter, so I generally need to watch what I’m eating. Boredom is my worst enemy when it comes to losing weight, but I’m hoping to keep busy and most importantly, keep out of the fridge. I would love to lose my holiday weight by the weekend, though I know that that’s really pushing it.

I’ve been to the gym three times this week, with my last appointment for this week tomorrow. I’m waiting for some money to clear in my account and then I’m going to repurchase a FitBit as I drunkenly lost mine on a Christmas night out. I think it’ll be a good way of keeping track of how active I’m actually being rather than how active I think I’m being.

Generally, I’m feeling positive about how I’m going to reach my goal, particularly after not putting on that much after holiday. Ideally, I would love to lose half a stone before my next holiday (23rd April), but realistically, my body is going to do whatever the hell she wants so I suppose we’ll wait and see!

How did you get on with your weigh in this week? Do you have problems with putting on weight over the holidays?


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