My Month: March 2013

I can’t quite believe that we’re already in April and there’s only a few weeks left of my Dryathlon. It’s absolutely flown by!

March saw my first sunny holiday of 2013 in Antigua with Jay and his family, which seems like a lifetime ago, but it was only over a week ago when we were landing on a snowy runway. Yes, March 2013 will be known as the Spring it snowed. And that year that PJ and Duncan made a return to the charts and got to number one. This month’s been a bizarre one.

I feel like March has brought me closer in my relationships. Jay and I are getting on better than ever, my Mum and I are having an awesome time, and I’m still getting in contact with friends that have fallen off of my radar. I spent a whole evening Facebook chatting to one of my oldest friends who I don’t speak to as much as I used to, and it was lovely to catch up.

In terms of work, that all seems to be going well this month; although it was very stressful when I got back from holiday and spent two days dealing with clients and enquiries that just wanted to deal with me. Its good for my reputation, but not good to divide and allocate my time.

April is also going to fly by. I have so much planned, my next free weekend isn’t until about June time! I have another holiday booked, hen do’s, birthdays (mine in particular!) and it’s going to get a bit crazy for the next couple of months. I’m generally feeling in a good place right now, so I suppose I’ve finally cracked the fun/work balance. Although everyone could probably use a bit more fun.


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