WLB Week 14.5

Hello all. Sorry this post is late. Work has been completely and utterly MANIC. Everyone wants to swim their babies, as it happens. Even though the weather is still rubbish.

My diet was pretty appalling over the bank holiday weekend. I have been gorging on chips and brownies because it has been so bloody cold, so this is another ripping off the plaster week… Here’s how it went over the last week and a half…

weight graph


Up and down this week. Surprisingly, I’ve actually managed to lose 0.9lb. A loss is a loss and although it’s not a big one, it could’ve been worse; it could’ve been a gain! I have cancelled my WW membership as I really wasn’t following it. I am more aware of what I’m eating, the portion sizes and generally about how eating too much cake will make me gain weight. I just wish I could zap away through this stupid plateau phase that I’ve been on for about a year now!

Next week, I’m on a course in Southampton, which I have a feeling might be testing my weight loss. You never know what you’re going to eat in a hotel and it’s generally tougher to make good choices when there’s a limited menu and you’re a fussy eater like your’s truly. I will be in the pool lots though, so I’m hoping that it’ll even itself out that way.


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