WLB Weeks 15 and 16

Hi guys. I was away last week, so I didn’t get a chance to publish my weigh in post last week, as I was away on my course. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that much, as I had been pretty naughty, eating wise as I was emotionally down in myself.

I have started not eating as many carbs as of late to try and lose a little bit more before my birthday at the weekend and my holiday next week and, although it has been tough, I am starting to see the results. It’s not as if I’m going to stick to this diet forever – I don’t think I could – but for a quick tone down, I think it really has done the job. Anyways. Visual aids!

weight loss


That’s a change of 1.1lbs. But I’m even shocked by that massive peak! I have no idea where that even came from!

I have reordered my Fit Bit and it’s being delivered today. I have also started using My Fitness Pal (of course, you can find me at frannooooo) and I’m really loving it. I love the fact that it’s linking my Fit Bit scales and it will be linking my Fit Bit pedometer too. What I love most is the scanning option; gone are the times where I have to stare at the back of a packet and enter every single digit! Welcome to 2013, Franno!! I think I just need everything all in one place as well, and it’s a real good indicator to share with my friends, followers, and everyone else!

I am on holiday from next Tuesday, so I may do a quick Monday evening update on my weight and how awesome I have been. It would be amazing if I was under 170lbs for holiday, but even I think that might be pushing it a bit…!


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