OOTD: Working on a Saturday/pre birthday drinks get up!

What a lovely day it is today! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and… I’m at work. Well, only this morning and then I’m off to spend my afternoon in a beauty salon, getting ready for my birthday drinks (and the end of my dryathlon!). Today is something a bit different from me and I’m actually going to show you what I’m wearing. It’s pretty awkward, particularly as I had no one to take the picture for me, so I had to stand on my bed with my iPhone and take the picture that way, and I look really short! I’m not that short!

Anyways. Here is how I’m looking.


20130420-105946.jpgThe bottoms are ELEPHANT PRINT from Top Shop! I absolutely love them! It’s so different from what I usually wear (you know, black leggings) and they are so comfy! 🙂 I would say that the elastic doesn’t have much give when you’re wriggling into these, but they are completely transformed when on, and they don’t dig into you once you’ve got them on. When I shopped  this week, I also bought a pair in pink for me holiday next week! Here’s the link to the elephant print joggers, >here<

I put on a plain white vesty top on with a pink leopard print necklace from Diamonds and Daggers, who actually aren’t in business anymore, sadly. I wear this necklace absolutely everywhere when I’m wearing really boring outfits!

Chucked on some flip flops and I was good to go! Because it was a little chilly, I put on my All Saints leather jacket, which I have lived in over the past year!

As I’m having a facial later on, I’m actually not wearing any make up today other than some eyeliner with my glasses! And I semi-straightened my hair, as it’s going to be exposed to so much heat later on when I get ready for my actual drinkypops!

What do you think of my elephant print bottoms?!


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