My Month: April 2013

A little late this week, but better late than never!

April is always a bit of a weird month for me, surrounded with the remembrance of my Dad’s passing, alongside the celebration of mine and my Mum’s birthday. This year wasn’t any different. In fact, it was probably made worse that I was away on a course for both my Mum’s birthday and the remembrance day for my dear ol’ Dad. I didn’t cope very well this year, but after speaking to so many people who are in the same position as me, it differs from year to year. My counselling definitely has helped in that regard anyway; just having a safe haven to laugh, cry, and recount exactly what happened and how I’m feeling has taken a huge weight off of my mind and huge burden off of the everyday emotions that I feel anyway.

Onto happier things that happened last month. I fell extraordinarily off of the wagon, to celebrate the end of my Dryathlon. Honestly, I didn’t see it any other way. We hopped off to our local, which is luckily four doors down, else I wouldn’t have been able to make the walk back, and my ‘friend’, Greg, gave me a shot of Tequila. And then, I remember nothing. Old friends turned up, people I hadn’t seen for about eight years, and it was truly awesome to see some old faces.

A couple of days after that, I went on holibobs to Tenerife with my Mum and my Uncle Pat (his first holiday in about sixteen years!) and I had a completely amazing time, even if Sunday was a complete write off because I felt so disgusting. That’s the thing with becoming regulars in a foreign bar; they give you all these shots and all the drinks were in more than Spanish measures. Yuk. I couldn’t even eat on Sunday. The best bit about that holiday though, is getting back, weighing myself and realising that, although I drank my complete body weight in vodka, wine and Cherry Bakewell shots (vodka, disarrono and grenadine, if you’re interested!), I only put on 2.5lbs! 2.5lbs! Totally weighed in today and realised that I’ve already lost that! Woo hoo!

Telly has been a massive part of this month and I have been addicted to Hollyoaks, Beaver Falls and Glee. And no, I’m not under the age of twenty! I’ve just been really loving those programmes, everything’s being Sky-plus-ed or watching on demand or whatever. Hugely addicted.

Ozzy has actually grown up a lot this month. He’s actually starting to respond to our commands. Breakthrough. Seriously, he’s coming back when he’s called and actually dropping things when Jay tells him to (not when I tell him to, but baby steps, guys!). The biggest test will be this weekend, as we’re heading up to Norfolk this weekend and Jay is determined to let Ozzy off of his lead on the beach. Totally going to be recreating the Fenton chasing deer video… 


Anyways, that was a quick check in with me. I have been super busy with courses and other bits and pieces going on in life, but I promise I’ll be blogging more. I have so much more to say, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and type! Next week, I’ve got a friend’s wedding in Devon, which I’m really looking forward to as I’m seeing more people I haven’t seen in a small age. That resolution of mine is really working.

Stay awesome, guys and I’ll be back sooooooon 🙂


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