WLB: Week 19

Another weigh in post, after me hols! I did weigh in on Saturday, after I got back from me hols on Tuesday, but I haven’t yet wrote about it. So here goes…

Generally, on holiday, I didn’t eat terribly badly. It was just the booze. Jump off the wagon, drink any kinda fluid flowing. It’s really bad that, in Tenerife, because we know the bar staff, they give us all these crazy concoctions. A Cherry Bakewell, which is one part vodka, one part Disaronno and topped with grenadine. A Black Jack, which is part sambucca, part Jack Daniels. Why do we do it to ourselves?! Needless to say, I had a complete write off of a day on Sunday. I didn’t leave my bed until 5.30pm, which is terrible, even for me.

I was generally only eating once or twice a day and, because it was so hot, it wasn’t anything remotely heavy. Well, apart from the full English on Monday before I was leaving on Tuesday – hangover inflicted munchies!

Since being at home, I have become addicted to My Fitness Pal (and you can find me on there as frannooooo). I gave up Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, because it was another expense I just couldn’t afford, especially as I wasn’t point-counting as best as I could be. With My Fitness Pal, it’s much easier and they do all the hard work for you. You can scan things and it just pops up for you to enter how much of it you actually ate/drank. It’s also linked to my Fit Bit which is hugely useful, as I’m using that with full gusto again to track my steps and my sleeps. I find that MFP helps as it determines what weight you will be in five weeks, if you keep eating as you are eating. Motivation to be half the person I am now!

Anyways, the following is my graph from the past month. The big increase is the holiday weight!

weight loss


On holiday, I put on a respectable 3.6lbs for all of my boozing. Rubbish! Since being back from holiday, however, I have lost 2.9lbs of that! Not bad going really, considering I’ve been back for a week. I’m hoping that before next week, I’ll have lost all of my holiday weight.

Things I’m going to change this week is my obsession with weighing myself once a day! I’m going to limit myself to twice a week. Wednesday is my ‘official’ weigh in day, but I don’t think there’s any harm in checking my weight once over the weekend on a Saturday or a Sunday, just to see how I’m getting on. Your body has so many minor weight changes throughout the day that really, it’s not doing me any favours by recognising that I’m losing half a lb, day in and day out. It might not even be true anyway!

I have a wedding this weekend, so I’m really trying to push it so that I’m my pre-holiday weight by Saturday evening. It’s also a really bad time for eating and drinking whatever the hell I want, so I need to watch what’s going in my mouth over the weekend! My Fit Bit aim is between 15K and 18K steps a day and my gym aim is to go four times a week or more. The gym is an area I’ve been slacking in at the moment, but I’ll get back into the swing of it. I went there today and I’m going there again tomorrow, so I need to fit in two more sessions before next week’s weigh in post.

How’s your weight loss going? Better than mine, I hope 🙂 


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