The Pact

I don’t know if I’ve told you before just how amazing my friends are. They really and truly are. All of them have their own little mission now that I’m a new Single, be it blockers from boys, taking me out and getting me intoxicated or just texting me when I’m all by myself.

Meet D. My pact enforcer. Also, single, my age and, actually, my longest standing friend (give that girl a medal!). As she’s known me for so long, she is fully aware that I wear my heart on my sleeve, that I fall in love almost instantaneously with the guy that looks at me “the right way” (what does that even mean?!) so D has come up with The Pact. The Pact that we have made is to prevent all possibilities of rebounds occurring, to make sure that I like someone before going “that step further” and ultimately, to stop my vulnerability, preventing myself from getting hurt. Yes, readers; that of celibacy. 

Now, this is not a longtime, “I’m going to be celibate forever” deal. It’s more to sort out the men from the boys, making sure that I’m ready for a relationship before taking the plunge. Wow, I probably could have phrased that better… And D needs the same in her situation too, so the fact there’s the two of us makes it a lot easier to… Cope with.

Now, we agreed to The Pact earlier this morning. So why is it that I have been chatted up by three different fellas in one day?! I’m not hawt and I’m lucky if some guy looks at me twice, but seriously. Three different guys. Engaging in flirty conversation – unless flirting has changed at any point in the past six years that I’ve not been looking at anyone else?

Or is it the fact that there is a pact now, so I’m noticing the flirty conversations more?

Or am I clinging onto the point that I want someone to be interested and these conversations are all figments of my imagination?

Answers on a post card. I’m sure this will be good for me, so I don’t make any rash decisions and go into Bunny Boiler mode. 


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